Step 1-Onboarding Concierge

Starting Your Real Estate Career, OR Switching Brokerages can be a series of complex events. Get expectations and overviews with assistance on license and listing transfers. Please review the Agent Onboarding Guide or Team Onboarding Guide before you Apply to eXp.

Enter Your Information in the Google Form below to receive our Comprehensive eXp Onboarding Checklist. Please sign in using a google email. One you complete the form, come back to this page, and view license transfer instructions 

Agent Onboarding Guide

Team Onboarding Guide


Step 11-eXp US License Transfer Instructions

Step 111-Im done Onboarding, now what?

Click on the Checklist Once You’re active with eXp to ensure you KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.   

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Accounting/ Stocks or 1099 forms

In eXp World, GOTO> Accounting> Accounting Support 

kvCORE- A powerful platform

Get Your kvCORE SET UP FOR YOU- Click Here

Attend Weekly Live Q&A: Every Thursday @ 10a PDT

kvCORE Home Ownership App

Comingle Multiple MLS

 Buyer Video Campign

eXp World 2.0

eXp World 2.0 is great for small or medium team meetings of up to 100 users, and as a tool for meeting prospects or clients outside of eXp. All they need is a link! Want to host larger meetings? That’s when you’ll use eXp World. Use your Passport to login

eXp Referral Status

The eXp Referral Division provides agents the opportunity to keep their active real estate license with a broker while they take a break from the day-to-day activities of traditional real estate. Agents may refer potential clients to other agents for a fee or percentage of the earned commission. Reduce monthly eXp fees too!

 Send Referrals and Manage Your Marketing Profile on eXp’s National Website through setting up landing pages on your Agent Portal.