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How can I change or update my forwarding email address?

Once you create a new gmail, you can update your forwarding email address by logging into using your passport credentials. Click on “My Business” > My Agent Profile. Select the “Email” tab, > click the button that says “Change forwarding email”. Then be sure to set up your eXp alias in gmail and create your business signature. There are business signature templates in

How do I reset my password? 

Depends on what system your trying to login to…. you can reset youreXp passport password here.

Your eXp passport account covers:

eXp World 

Your passwords to kvCORE and SkySlope can be changed in their login screens. 

What is eXp Passport?

Your Passport is your single-sign on (or username) for everything eXp! It’s typically your and more info can be found here

Can I change my eXp email?

It must be approved, however please start by completing the form to change your eXp email alias.

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